Turf renovation grass seeds begin to grow on the soil in the garden

A beautiful lawn requires work, especially when foot traffic, pets, large trees or slopes are included in the equation.  Dooley Pyne offers multiple levels of enhancements to improve the health and vitality of your lawn. Our turf experts can diagnose the cost-effective solutions to improve your lawn and make it the envy of the neighbors.

  • Aeration and overseeding
    • Mechanically removing plugs to break up the thatch layer, enhance nutrient uptake, improve water infiltration and stimulate root growth

After and Before Lawn Aeration stage illustration. Gardening long grass lawn care, landscaping service. Vector stock design isolated on white

  • turf rolled on dirtTopdressing
    • Adding mushroom enriched topsoil to depleted or eroded areas
  • Overseeding
    • Broad cast seeding to fill in gaps and start new turf
  • Grading
    • Leveling of areas to improve aesthetics, eliminate liability concerns or improve drainage or usability
  • Sodding
    • Installation of sod for instant, lush beautiful turf
  • Dethatching
    • Mechanical removal of excess thatch from the turf to improve the overall health of your lawn
  • Erosion control
    • Utilizing of erosion control matting, Penn Mulch or straw to stabilize and area and enhance moisture retention.
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