Dooley-Pyne Landscaping Co, Inc. is a complete land and snow company, proudly providing commercial, residential, municipal, public and private properties throughout the Delaware Valley, since 1993 (30 years).  Annually, our revenue exceeds 10 million dollars.

Our service delivery is driven through two main components, the Dooley-Pyne Landscape Company and DP Snow LLC.

Dooley-Pyne’s dedicated landscape team consist of over 150 employees, comprised of both full and part time staff.  Aside from our internal staffing, we commonly engage with consulting experts for services beyond our core competencies.  Our team prides themselves in leading the industry with impeccable service and career development.  Dooley-Pyne is annually recognized among the Top 100 landscaping organizations nationally.

DP Snow LLC, routinely employs in excess of 350 individuals during winter weather events.  This team is comprised of 45 full-time professionals, as well as over 300 part-time employees.  Additionally, we engage with numerous – localized firms to increase our capabilities.  Our snow and ice management services are supported with detailed weather forecasting, 24- hour contact with meteorologists, and forensic reporting services as provided by Weatherworks.  DP Snow is an industry leader, excelling at service, workmanship, superior quality, with a unique ability to react to the ever-changing weather conditions and situations.  DP Snow is annually recognized as a Top 100 Snow Contractor nationally.

Dooley-Pyne has an exceptional financial standing, allowing us to invest in quality individuals, state of the art equipment and technology, and the ability to access unlimited resources necessary to provide unmatched service.

Dooley-Pyne’s Sales / Service breakdown is as follows:

  • Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance 55%
  • Commercial Snow Removal 30%
  • Residential Design / Build and Maintenance 15%

For routine landscape services, Dooley-Pyne’s average crew size is four (4).  Specialized services such as turf applications and pruning are delivered by separate specialty crews.  Overall, thirty-five (35) crews are dispatched from our Exton location daily to provide various services to their clients, which consists of maintenance, hardscape design and installation, landscape construction, fertilization, irrigation repair, and tree removal / care.

Dooley-Pyne’s Management Team consists of (10) dedicated individuals, with varying educational backgrounds, as well as 142 years of hands on industry experience.


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