commercial office landscape management with flowers and shrubberyWe treat your landscape as if it is our own.  Dooley Pyne takes enormous pride in keeping your property looking beautiful by providing efficient, high quality and fairly priced commercial landscape management services.

With an award-winning team of 150 techs and site managers who perform their jobs efficiently and with an unmatched attention to detail, we can handle all aspects of your external needs, including everything from monthly weeding and pruning to turf fertilization and pruning and everything in between. We offer year around staffing, so that no matter the season, your property stays looking its best.

It is this incredibly dedicated team that has earned Dooley Pyne a reputation for providing impeccable landscape maintenance services throughout the Delaware Valley.

Seasonal Cleanups

Spring Cleanups

Typically completed from mid-March through the end of April. We remove and dispose of leaf litter, as well as other debris and trash that have accumulated through the winter months. Mulch beds are prepared for the new mulch application by creating a new well-defined edge, removal of weeds and dead plantings in addition to cutting back of any remaining decorative grasses or perennials.

Fall Cleanups

Fall leaf cleanup involves the collection of leaves and debris to an off-site dumping facility or in a designated on site location. Leaf removal is completed professionally by landscaping staff using the latest and most efficient equipment available.



Mulch installation includes weeding and edging of all beds in conjunction with the delivery and installation of the desired type and color of mulch. We also offer pre-emergent application for the mulch beds to minimize the germination of weeds seed in the planting areas.

Available mulch types:

  • Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch
  • Triple Shredded Black Dyed Mulch
  • Triple Shredded Brown Dyed Mulch
  • Certified Playground Mulch
  • Pine Bark Mulch Nuggets
  • Natural Wood Chip Mulch

Commercial lawn cutting

Lawn Cutting

Maintain a neat and tidy appearance with a weekly lawn mowing program.


Monthly Weeding/Edging

Keep your flower beds looking fresh and free from weeds all season long with a biweekly or monthly service package.  We also offer a power edging service to maintain crisp borders around planting beds and curb lines.

Shrub and Decorative Tree Pruning

Proper pruning of shrubbery and decorative trees is essential to managing growth and overall health. Our knowledgeable staff provides sound pruning techniques throughout the season based on the individual requirements of each plant species.

Commercial seasonal colorSeasonal Color

Annual flowers are an easy and effective way to liven up a key location and bring vibrant color to an otherwise drab area. We offer seasonal plantings for the spring, summer or fall and we customize your plantings according to your needs and budgets.


Planting bed revitalization

From removing and replacing over grown plantings to reduction pruning, our staff can offer options to revitalize your planting beds without the expense of a complete overhaul.


Dooley Pyne’s fertilization division offers Turf Fertilization packages tailored to the needs of your location.

  • Round 1 (Late March-Early May)-Holganix Bio-stimulant + Fertilizer
    -Broadleaf Weed ControlType: LiquidRound 1 includes Holganix Bio-stimulant engineered to improve the soil beneath your lawn allowing improved turf growth. Improved soil acts to reduce the chemical requirements for green up, weed suppression, and insect control by up to 90%. Pre-Emergent inhibits the germination of weed seed, dormant within your lawn to prevent Crabgrass and other grassy weeds from emerging. Broadleaf Weed Control systematically eliminates existing Broadleaf weeds such as Dandelions, Plantain, and Clover existing within your lawn.
  • Round 2 (Mid May-Late June)-Holganix Bio-stimulant + Fertilizer
    -Broadleaf Weed ControlType: LiquidA second application of all the products included in Round 1. Holganix will continue to improve the overall makeup of your soil, as well as provide essential nutrients to improve root growth, and the overall health of your turf. The second round of Pre-Emergent reinforces the effect of the first application, preventing the germination of weed seed through the Summer months. Broadleaf Weed Control continues to combat pesky weeds within your turf at this point of the year, primarily Dandelions and Clover.
  • Round 3 (Mid June-Late July)-Holganix Bio-stimulant + FertilizerType: LiquidHolganix Bio-stimulant continues to improve the root structure and strength of your lawn leading to greater water retention and resistance to drought, pests, and traffic.
  • Round 4 (September-October)-Holganix Bio-stimulant + Fertilizer
    -Broadleaf Weed ControlType: LiquidHolganix stimulates beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soil creating an inhabitable environment for insects and damaging bacteria. Your lawn will maintain a greener, healthier look throughout the season.
  • Round 5 (October & November)-Holganix Bio-stimulant + FertilizerType: LiquidWinter is the primary time for root expansion. Holganix provides an optimal environment for deeper penetrating root growth leading to a stronger, healthier lawn the following season.

Integrated pest management

Ongoing monitoring and treatment for turf, decorative shrubbery and ornamental trees to ensure your investment is protected

Yearly site enhancements

Our team will provide suggestions and proposals based on their familiarity with your property for enhancements for issues such as liability concerns, visual enhancements, concern areas and long term viability.

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