Maintaining Your Home’s Landscape

Maintaining an impressive landscape is key to your home’s curb appeal. Your front yard area is in fact the first thing that anyone will see, whether they are entering your home or just driving by. Whether you choose to take on all your landscaping by yourself or work with a professional like Dooley-Pyne, it is important to remember that there are some things that must be done regularly in order to maintain the beauty achieved.

We have compiled a list of 4 simple things that should be done in order to maintain your landscape.

  1. Mow the Lawn

Cutting your lawn is one of the easiest and most important aspects of maintaining landscape appearance. Though simple, it can make a world of difference in your home’s beauty. Use weekly lawn trimming to maintain a neat and tidy appearance for your outdoor space.

  1. Control Weeds

Not only are weeds unattractive, they also steal water and nutrients from other plants. It is important to control weed growth by regularly removing weeds, beginning early in the season before they have the chance to take over. This will not only improve the appearance of your landscape but also help your plants thrive.

  1. Water Plants

Water is an essential part of plant growth. When you have new landscaping done, it is important to make sure that your plants are getting enough water. Pay attention to the weather. If it is going to rain, your plants should be okay. If not, you should consider watering either every day or every other day.

  1. Pruning

Proper pruning of shrubbery and decorative trees is essential to managing growth and overall health. Pruning, or having your landscape professionally pruned, will increase the attractiveness of your landscape and stimulate plant growth. Because each plant species has unique pruning needs, you may consider leaving this step to the professionals.

   In Addition

The regular tasks involved in maintaining a beautiful landscape may seem simple, but remember, the professionals at Dooley-Pyne are always here to assist with any of your landscaping needs. Call us today at 610-524-5296 to learn more about our landscape maintenance services, including shrub and decorative tree pruning, monthly weeding and edging, lawn cutting, and more!


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