5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Commercial Snow Removal Service Visit Your Properties Before the Start of Winter

loader removing snow outside on the street

When hiring a professional company to handle your properties’ snow removal each season it is imperative that you take the time to meet with them on site, before the first snowfall. Not only will this allow you both to address liability concerns, it will also provide them an opportunity to come up with the best possible plan, so that they can better prepare each time they come to perform their services.

Below are 5specific reasons and explanations for why pre-season visits are so important when hiring a commercial snow removal company.

1. Communicate Your Expectations

By setting aside time to meet with your service-provider on site before the start of winter, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to communicate your expectations. This way they know exactly what needs to be done each time their services are required, ensuring that all your properties’ needs are being met, so that it remains safe all season long.  

2. Locate Potentially Troublesome Areas

Allowing the company to visit the site prior to the first snow will give them the chance to identify any areas that may cause them trouble during snow removal. This way, they will be fully aware and better prepared to handle these areas come winter.

3. Increase Effectiveness & Efficiency of Services

The amount of time it takes to complete snow removal will have an impact on overall costs. By having the company visit your properties, you give them the chance to evaluate everything they need to know to ensure professional and efficient completion of their services. Come winter, this will allow them to have a plan in order for each snow fall, meaning their job will be done more efficiently and effectively.

4. Negotiate Costs

Because the snow removal company will have the opportunity to see your property first hand, this is the perfect time to negotiate costs. They will have had the chance to assess a number of things including: how many workers will be required, how long snow removal will take, and what resources will be needed to complete the job. This way, they will be able to give you a more precise estimated cost for their services.

5. Prevent Possible Conflicts

A pre-season visit to your properties offers the perfect opportunity to compile a list of everything that was discussed and create a contract that can be referred to in the case of future conflict. You, as the property manager, can ensure that should your service-provider fail to meet any of the terms addressed, you have documentation to back any complaints, whether minute or severe.


By allowing your hired snow removal company to visit your properties before the start of winter, you are ensuring that all your needs be met and helping to protect both parties from potential liability. Whether it is your first time with a new company or the same company you have been using for years, a pre-season visit is essential. If you are looking to hire a new commercial snow removal company to take care of your properties this winter, contact Dooley-Pyne Landscaping Company, Inc. today at (610) 524-5296 to set up an onsite visit. Our “safety first” approach will ensure that your workforce and customers travel to and from your locations without harm – even in the most severe conditions.

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