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Professional Hardscaping Installation

Hardscaping is defined as any part of a landscape constructed from non-organic materials. For example: Walks, walls, patios and trellises made from stone or paving materials.

At Dooley-Pyne, we specialize in both commercial and residential hardscaping. Our certified hardscaping specialists have been with us for a minimum of three seasons.

We offer a variety of hardscaping services, depending on the specific desires and budget constraints of the customer. If you are looking for skilled craftsmen, who follow the highest industry standards, Dooley-Pyne is the perfect choice.

When you consider adding a permanent structure to your property, you should carefully weigh the credentials of the companies competing for the job. Dooley-Pyne has an extensive portfolio of recently completed jobs. Our client base includes discerning homeowners, as well as reputable commercial customers. As with all of our services, we take our professional hardscaping work very seriously. We want complete customer satisfaction!

Walls provide structure, offer privacy and define boundaries to any garden or property. Walls should be designed for stability, as well as beauty. It takes extensive training and experience to successfully construct a strong wall. Once completed, your wall should be a valuable enhancement to your property, offering protection, warmth and beauty.

Retaining Walls
Designed to hold back earth, retaining walls are a major construction project. It is imperative to consult a hardscaping professional service such as Dooley-Pyne for these types of projects. Depending on the scope of the project, a professional engineer is often hired.

At Dooley-Pyne, we have the workforce to meet the expectations of our clients. We can manage projects that our competitors simply cannot handle. Please choose carefully when selecting a contractor for this type of hardscape service.

For nearly 20 years, Dooley-Pyne has been enhancing the outdoor living spaces of Chester County residences. Utilizing the best materials available, we create aesthetically pleasing and functional structures. Our skilled design consultants meet with all customers to develop a hardscape plan appropriate to their needs.

Word of mouth is our best advertisement! If you are pleased with our hardscape services, please tell your friends and neighbors. Our success is determined by your satisfaction.

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