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Professional Grass Maintenance

Mowing: Our foremen are required to have more than four years of residential mowing experience. Each foreman has a dedicated staff who works together to enhance the appearance of every property they maintain. Weekly lawn mowing is performed by a crew familiar with the property.

It often takes several cuttings to interpret the customer’s desires for the lawn. At Dooley-Pyne, we do the best we can to schedule the same personnel at each residence through the season, as well as the following year. We diligently try to maintain the relationship, once established.

Aeration: When soil becomes compacted, the lawn will begin to decline. Compressed soil impedes the movement of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots. In time, a compacted lawn needs to be renovated.

Aeration allows fertilizer, oxygen and additional organic materials entry into the soil. Aeration is accomplished with walk-behind or tow-behind machines, which pull and remove 4-inch plugs from the soil.

We provide aeration service twice annually, in the spring and fall months. But we only recommend aerating every other year.

Dethatching: Thatch is a buildup of dead roots, lawn debris and dead turfgrass crowns. It accumulates as dead plant parts build up faster than they breakdown. Excessive thatch in your lawn creates an environment favorable for pests and diseases and interferes with lawn care operations.

Our dethatching service utilizes a specific thatching machine that cuts through the thatch to the soil surface. Once the appropriate amount of thatch is removed, the area is hand-raked. We recommend dethatching every two to three years.

Overseeding: Dooley-Pyne suggests overseeding in conjunction with aeration and dethatching services. Once the proper type and amount of grass seed is applied, we apply a starter fertilizer. This speeds up the germination process and minimizes weed growth.

Grub Treatment: If you notice unsightly brown patches spreading throughout your lawn, you could have grubs. An insidious pest, grubs are not usually identified until after they have caused significant damage to the lawn root system. Our grub service includes applying a pesticide treatment to control the grubs, repairing the damaged areas and applying a preventive treatment to keep them from coming back.

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