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Outstanding Landscape Services

Our landscape services include edging all planting beds and weeding as necessary throughout the season. We also install mulch and offer an option to apply a herbicide treatment, if required.

Design: Beautiful landscapes are created with mulch, shrubs, flowers and boulders, as well as sharply reshaped planting beds. Continual communication is critical between the design consultant at Dooley-Pyne and the homeowner. Through our years of experience, we know how to simplify the process by asking the right questions to ensure customer ease and satisfaction.

Our foremost goal is providing an exterior environment that fits our customers’ tastes and needs.

Planting: Flowering annuals are a great way to add instant color to your home exterior. We supply and install annual flowers in planting beds and/or pots each season.

Mulching: Mulch preserves the exterior plantings by discouraging weed growth and protecting root systems from erosion.

Mulch application consists of two steps: preparation and installation. Preparation includes edging and weeding. Installation includes spreading a consistent layer of the desired color mulch to the surface, following industry standards of 1 inch of new mulch each season.

Monthly Weeding: All beds are hand-weeded on a monthly basis in conjunction with our mulch and pre-emergent weed service.

Pruning: Essential to ensure that shrubs and small trees continue to grow vigorously, pruning enables plants to put all of their energy into healthy new growth.

Dooley-Pyne pruning service includes hand and/or machine pruning, removing all cuttings from the planting beds and disposing of the debris at an offsite location. We recommend that this service be done twice annually.


Spring Cleanups: From mid-March to early April, Dooley-Pyne offers a comprehensive spring clean-up. This service involves hand-raking, vacuuming and blowing leaves, as well as collecting leaves and additional debris that have accumulated through the winter.

Our service includes removing debris to an off-site dumping facility. Professional crews also blow out the beds and pick up large sticks on the property.

Fall Cleanups: Our fall cleanup service is handled professionally and efficiently by our landscaping and grass cutting foremen. They blow out beds of debris and pick up large sticks from the property. Depending on the homeowners’ desires, the service can be completed one or two times.

Dooley-Pyne works very hard to complete this service in the homeowner’s specified timeframe. Please call before October 1st to schedule your cleanup.

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